Blood Moon Sanctuary

A healing space in Blue Hill, Maine be built in time.

I was ushered into stewarding land under 2019's powerful New Moon in Leo as Mercury went direct. With deep gratitude to the spirits who called me here, my intentions for this next chapter are as follows:


My healing practice (Blood Moon Reiki) will be tucked behind the wolf pine and a yurt deep within the woods. Another space will be dedicated to outdoor sessions, a third to sitting and deeply listening for ceremony and ritual. I wish to offer these spaces to the community of holistic healers, mindful farmers, builders and land protectors to gather and share their own knowledge and ways of being. I wish to tend and be in deep relation with a yard, forest and wetland so full of healing plants and established garden beds.

Future yurt site.

First steps and fundraising.


My first step is to build a Bill Coperthwaite yurt to serve as a healing space, a space to gather, and a safe space for people to stay when needed. Bill's vision was to teach people to build their own houses, with their family and friends, which I plan to do this coming Spring. I hope that you'll join me in that process if it is of interest. In the meantime, I will be raising funds to build this yurt, which will cost around $15,000. This cost covers the lumber and supplies needed to build and paying a local builder $3,000 to guide us through the process over a two week period. If you wish to donate to this process, please use the following payment portal (thank you so very much):