Energy Work & Intuitive Guidance



My goal is to make self care services more attainable for people by offering them on a Sliding Scale.

Therefore I ask you to consider:

1. What can you truly afford?

2. How much value does this session hold for you?


The Lowest Amount on the scale is the lowest rate I can offer for my service while staying true to my value.


The Highest Amount on the scale is for those who can financially meet all their daily needs. If you have a savings account, if you are able to buy plane tickets and travel regularly, if you've recently invested in a home or property, if you are able to eat out regularly without worry or make large purchases, please consider yourself in the middle or upper part of the scale. If you don't currently have paid employment but are able to access family money or other financial support, please take this into consideration.


Please choose appropriately so that those who truly need to access the lower end of the scale are able to. I rely on the honesty and integrity of those booking sessions in order to continue doing this work sustainably.

Sliding Scale: $60-150

Suggested Rate According to Income:

$60 if you make $30,000 and under

$70 if you make $30 - $40,000

$80 if you make $40 - $55,000

$90 if you make $55 - $70,000

$100 if you make $70 - $85,000

$110 if you make $85 - $100,000

$120 if you make $100 - $115,000

$130 if you make $115 - $130,000

$140 if you make $130 -$145,000

$150 if you make $145,000 and above

*If the lower end of the scale is out of reach, for BIPOC, queer, trans, low income, sick and disabled, please email me.



I like to begin exploring the potential of working together by first offering an introductory call at no cost to you. The intention of this call is to get to know one another and gather a sense of whether working together is resonant to both of us. I am here to hold space for whatever you wish to share and answer any questions you might have. Please use the button below to find a time to connect over the phone.