Herbal Protection Patch



The intention of this patch is to help protect, honor and hold healthy boundaries. Perhaps sew onto a space that needs support, hang over your entrance door, place on a tree of a boundary line; put it where you wish.


While working with borage, I’ve learned the true meaning of boundaries and how to hold them. I’ve learned how they protect and how they heal. While working with borage, I have also had the same visions visit me, over and over again. Those are of snake and moon.


I looked into these symbols and came across the pictured symbology, cited D'Harcanville, Op. Cit., vol. i., plate xxiii, but without further or original sourcing.

Though the source of this powerful symbology is still in shadow, I’ve uncovered the following:


The Serpent is one of the first ancient Goddess symbols and messenger of the Divine Feminine. Snakes are also connected to Wisdom, Sexual Energy, Cycles, Rebirth, Patience, Fertility, Balance, Cunning, Intuition, Awareness, Healing, Intellect, Protection, Solemnity, Rejuvenation, Transformation, Regeneration, and the Primal life force. As a symbol of spiritual power, the serpent represents the awakened self. A bend in its neck indicates the yoni and the moon.


The crescent in this position is primarily used to represent the Moon, not necessarily in a particular lunar phase, and symbolizes the sacred feminine or the goddess of the moon.


The infinity sign, a figure eight, indicates the regular movement of the Universe. It represents the dynamic and continuous rhythm and flow between polar principles, or opposites. If you move your hand in a figure eight motion in front of you, you will feel the swing and momentum that is created by this shape.


Without knowing much else outside my own intuition, and without knowing what is inevitably left to uncover, my intention for this patch is to illuminate these energies and all their gifts in a nourished, supportive and boundaried way; all with the help of borage.


With wishes of held and loving boundaries,

Heather (of Blood Moon Reiki)