About Heather

My interest in energy work and holistic modalities started with a need to heal the mysteries within my own body. I have been mindfully tending my energy work and intuitive guidance practice since 2011 and I continually take part in trainings based within social justice, decolonization, anti-racism, post-capitalistic models, harm reduction, respectful land stewardship, indigenous rights, liberation, reciprocity, and trauma-informed care. In that time, Reiki became a foundation of my healing process and a guiding light in my path. After five years of practice, study and certification, I became a certified Reiki Master of the Usui tradition.

My work is focused on creating a more humane pathway forward and inspiring others to reweave their connection with the more than human world, their intuition and holistic modalities. Though the foundation of my practice is energy work, I also have a degree in alternative and holistic wellness, I'm a cook who specializes in food sensitivities and allergies, and I continue to explore sound healing, tending plant allies, grief work, collective care, and ancestral healing. In short, I'm interested in many aspects of holistic living, making them accessible and easily understood.

Training, Certification, & Deep Listening

My practice has grown out of centering integrity, harm reduction, and deep listening. I engage with training / education as a way to connect with community and explore conversations about what I experience in my own personal work, rather than taking these trainings and appropriating them into my own practice. Therefore, I offer the following inconclusive list of training and certification as examples of conversations I have been a part of, but not a list that directly shows how I cultivated and grew my own personal practice and offerings.

I also draw from queer, neurodivergent, and disability justice lineages and continually take part in training based within social justice, decolonization, anti-racism, harm reduction, respectful land stewardship, indigenous rights, collective liberation, reciprocity, and trauma-informed care; which are too many to list.


Much of my practice / offerings outside of Reiki were cultivated over time, through deep listening and intentionally rooting, reweaving, and remembering connections with my ancestors, guides, the unseen, and more than human world. The singing tones I offer are a gift from hemlock and pine. Creating deep relationships with the more than human world has been a profoundly powerful way to learn how to offer support. Further, working with my ancestors, elders, within non appropriative community ritual and ceremony space, and staying in dialogue around community and collective care with diverse / marginalized populations have all led to a broadening of my practice as well. I currently support and hold space for the exploration of threads around reweaving interconnection with the more than human world, exploring shadow self, grief work, and ancestral healing through offerings at LICHEN CENTER.

As far as Reiki goes, I trained within the Usui tradition over the course of five years (2013-2018), spending much time honoring a relationship with the practice itself between each level of certification. I was grateful to be held by the same mentor throughout that time, Gloria Flynn, who worked with me from Level 1 to Masters Certification. I honor and respect the original teachings of Mikao Usui, who asked that Reiki be taught freely and be made accessible to everyone; rich and poor, far and wide. Given my current understanding of Usui's teachings, I feel it is incredibly important to approach the certification process with deep respect and patience; certification should not be a short process, nor cost money. This level of respect is something I have considered since before I began my training and now lives within the foundation of my practice. I am grateful to know the lineage of my certification and be a practitioner who centers the integrity of Usui's original teachings and honor his wishes around accessibility.